4 thoughts on “Pavel and Kolya

  1. Hrvoje Babic

    Ginger haired Pavel is one of my favourite gay models…I’ve seen a few of his videos and he is hot guy that I’d love to fuck with…Kolya is very sexy, real beauty and I just love Russian guys…
    I guess this video is old few years and that they are bit older today but still I’love to fuck them..NICE…love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hrvoje Babic

    Beautiful young men doing natural stuff..Love you guys so much..big kiss..LOVE YOU SO MUCH…If I was rich those two young men would be in a paradise…I would bought them a decent living..they are so divine…they are Russian..if only I could meet them…and get to know them..their energy is pure..kiss

  3. Hrvoje Babic

    Don’t get me wrong…I know I can’t buy their love..all I’m saying is that they deserve decent living…kiss


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