Monthly Archives: January 2015

The ‘older’ guy is pretty cute, but the boy is just wonderful! The lad having the bath is very cute and innocent looking and takes his fucking well but the scene should have been shot on a bed or couch where he would be more comfortable and we would get better views of him squirming and tossing as the cock goes up him and stretches his thigh boy cunt.

Adorable Mexican boy

Incredibly cute and sexy boy! What a shame this video doesn’t highlight his hot body more. I wanted to see his ass and feet along with that hot dick. He’s lovely, isn’t he? He’s got an air of innocence about him in spite of what he’s doing to himself. I like the way he keeps looking up, sometimes with a shy smile, at the director or the camera. It’s almost as though he’s seeking approval, asking, “Am I doing it right then?” (And for me he is!) Mexican, is he?