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Fuck me daddy, please!

Alex Killian lovingly wakes up son Austin Lock. (to find the longer vid enter” “gay wake up suck cock” But this is a super hot daddy son interaction. Fucking your complaisant son through the drop down flap of his long johns? sexy. would love to see the son over the top also.

Love the pairing, but any scene where the sweet innocent hot looking Austin Lock bottoms? aces for me. daddy is Alex Killian.

Real dad and son

The son is deluscious, (He’s Elder Xanders in the mormon studio vids) he looks so cute and innocent. and daddy’s seduction of his boy is a step by step discovery/exploration (dad, what are you doing?) every stage is super hot. the dialog is realistic. (will it fit? what if mom comes home). hot . hot hot

Sleepy Movie Night

OMG this is the ultimate iconic cutest son in the world. does anybody know the name of this actor? he also plays elder xanders in the mormon series. the scene is a father’s wet dream, to have your son in his pjs snuggle up to you watching a movie and then falling asleep in your lap with his drawers open. I would only have wanted to see the son get his rocks off, too. hot scene.

Big dick dad seduces his tiny boy on family camping trip

You get the impression that the son wanted more than cuddling. what a beautiful sight starting at 9:31 watching the son’s hot boy buns fucking back on daddy’s cock. and than at the end fucking daddy’s hand and cumming. love this daddy son combo especially the sweet innocent looking son.